Capsule filling is commonly used to fill capsules with powders, granules or liquids containing pharmaceutical ingredients.

At Micro-Sphere, we are experts in the fast, flexible, and efficient filling of hard gelatin capsules of any size for oral and inhalation products.

Using the latest capsule filling technology, we have the resources, flexibility, and capabilities to meet the full range of project requirements, from clinical trial capsule filling in small quantities, to full-scale commercial supply and inhalation capsule filling.

Our capsule filling capabilities

We have invested in a range of capsule filling machines focusing on the two most common filling techniques for hard capsules: drum filling and dosator filling. These are used in combination with highly precise weighing modules, sensors, and control systems to guarantee the highest quality of products in every batch.

Our filling capabilities range from one digit mg to triple digit mg filling weight.

Through our partnership with a high-speed blister and packaging company, we can also support you through to the next stage of your project.

Our capsule filling equipment:

Harro Höfliger Modu-C-MS (drum dosing)

  • Low-dosage filling group for inhalable powder down to 5 mg fill weight/ cps
  • 100% net weight check
  • Up to72,000 cps/hour (nominal)
  • Trolley system allows for easy and rapid dosing system changeovers
  • Relative humidity-controlled production area (<20%rH)

MG2 Flexalab (dosator system)

  • Designed for R&D and small batch outputs
  • Ideal for low powder dosage for inhalation development activities
  • Capable of filling up to 3,000 cps/hour (nominal)
  • Fitted with a MultiNETT system that allows 100% net weight control

MG2 Compact (dosator system)

  • Capable of filling powder, granules, and pellets with different dosage systems
  • Capacity 24,000 – 48,000 cps/hour (nominal)
  • Also suitable for low dosage filling

MG2 Planeta (dosator system)

  • Ideal for R&D as well as the production of small, medium, and large batches
  • Capacity: from 6,000 – 100,000 cps/hour (nominal)
  • 100% net weight control (MultiNETT)
  • Also suitable for low powder dosage filling

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