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MICRO-SPHERE SA's contract strengths are in the following fields:

  • spray drying of APIs and HPAPIs (aqueous and organic solutions), particularly in the field of inhalation;
  • MICRO-SPHERE's know-how is especially aimed at developing inhalation products with pulmonary and systemic action;
  • Lacto-SphereŽ is Lactose for inhalation developed by MICRO-SPHERE as a carrier for Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) and produced at cGMP compliance. On our Lacto-SpereŽ we guarantee a 2 (two) years stability;
  • Lipid-based formulations (nano-emulsions and liposomes) are utilized in the pharmaceutical as well as in the nutraceutical and cosmetic fields;
  • manufacturing of hard gelatine capsules. Size 1, size 2, size 3 and size 4 can be filled with powders, granules or pellets;
  • MICRO-SPHERE has a strong expertise in the development of liquid and dry micro-encapsulated formulation of APIs.

Micro-Sphere Switzerland and NanoMaterials Technology Singapore Announces Technology Partnership to Provide Particle Nanonization-spray Drying Services

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